--- 12/11/08 ---

My son, Finneas (Finn) Bodhi Brusca, was born 11/27/08 Thanksgiving morning at 7:58am!

8lbs. 3oz. & 21"

Our first child.

As soon as I get settled and find a routine with him, I'll start to paint again. And finish what needs to be in front of your eyes.


--- 08/27/08 ---

My digital art piece, Cosmic Buddha was used as cover art for a 37th edition of a German publication magazine called Tattva Viveka in Germany. The term Tattva Viveka originates from the Sanskrit and means "the distinction of truth and illusion". Tattva is called truth, and Viveka means discernment and it's a science/philosophy/spiritual culture magazine. You can go to their website to learn more about the magazine, Tattva Viveka. The most recent magaizne issues are here, or click on the magazine image below for detail info on the magazine that my cover art featured. It's all in German, but you can go to Babelfish and just type or copy/paste the website address into the second box and translate it from German to English. If you would like a copy of the magazine you can purchase one as well.


--- 10/25/07 ---

My newest painting will be in a group art show @ The Hive Gallery

Opening Night is Nov. 3rd, Sat. 8pm - 12:30am

And runs until Nov. 24th

Click on the images below for more info!!!


--- 9/24/07 ---

New Painting !!!

Just finished a new painting, it's a mixed media, pop surrealism piece. You can view the new piece in the painting gallery.


--- 6/14/07 ---

Contact page is now working. When you send a comment, it will send you back to the front page.


--- 4/26/07 ---


Runs 04-28-07 through 05-05-07

Group Show & Benefit @ ThinkSpace, Los Angeles

All proceeds will go to

National Coalition for the Homeless



Please help out the homless, by aquiring an art piece from one of the many, amazing artists!

All artwork was done on cardboard, since many of our homeless depend on it for shelter.

You can preview the piece I submitted here.