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What is a paint-o-graph? A fusion of paint and photograph. I use a developed photograph that I draw with a ink pen and then paint an image using automatism. So, an emulsion photograph becomes my canvas. In particular, I like to paint on double-exposures or overexposed/abstract photos which are taken by me (or with another friend with the double-exposures). Using these unique, surreal images as a background for my mediums, I let my mind delve into the subconscious. Where I then apply my personal, hallucinatory vision by juxtaposing layers of translucent and opaque paint. Paint-o-graphs create a wonderful, mini-painting original for an art enthusiast to be able to purchase at a very low cost. All my paint-o-graphs are signed, dated, and titled on the back.

Below is the very first piece I have created. I'm in the process of painting many more, and they will be available to view and purchase soon.


Sky Was Yellow, Sun Was Blue


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All work © Jody Brusca 2008